Company Overview

Established March 17, 2008


GEM Partners is dedicated to creating value in the entertainment industry by providing data-based marketing insights to producers and content distributors.

Lines of business

Support producers, film distributors and home entertainment service providers develop marketing strategies and track progress through:

– Marketing research and consulting: concept and positioning studies, creative testing, recruited audience screenings, exit polls, ad-hoc custom research and analysis

– Digital marketing solution

– Data analysis and reporting using GEM Partners’ proprietary database and simulation models

Contact info

Kitaaoyama 3-3-13-9F, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061, Japan


– Hollywood Major Studio Japan office: 20th Century Fox, Paramount Japan, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Toho-Towa (Universal), Towa Pictures(Paramount), Walt Disney Japan, Warner Bros. Japan

– Japanese film distributors and studios: Asmik Ace Entertainment, Gaga, Hakuhodo DY music & pictures, Kadokawa, Kino Films, KlockWorx, NIKKATSU, Phantom Film, Pony Canyon, Presidio, SHOCHIKU, Sony Music Marketing, TOEI, TOHO, Tohokushinsha Film


– Home entertainment service providers: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Amazon Japan, GEO, HAPPINET, HJ Holdings (Hulu Japan), Netflix, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Toei Video, Walt Disney Japan

– TV stations: Broadcast Satellite Disney, Fuji Television

– Media and others: Avex Group Holdings, CyberAgent, Dentsu, Dentsu Digital, East Japan Marketing & Communications (JEKI), Facebook, flag, gaie, Google, Hakuhodo, KICCORIT, Twitter Japan

Team Profile

Aya Umezu (CEO)

Joined the National Police Agency after graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 1997. Worked in budget planning, organization, and laws and ordinances relating to international crime, as well as Japan’s 2001 central government restructuring, after completing prefectural police force training.
Received LLM (Masters of Law) in 2000 from New York University Law School. Joined McKinsey & Company in 2002. Involved with new businesses, marketing, and the implementation of structure and operations reform projects as manager of the telecommunications and media research group.

Founded GEM Partners and appointed Representative Director in 2008.


“I began with E.T. and Antarctica during elementary school, and became a full-blown movie fanatic during college with Indochine, Farewell My Concubine, and Monsieur Hire. The movie that changed my life was Memories of Matsuko.”

Takashi Yokono (Director)

Conducted research at Kyoto University Graduate School after receiving a PhD for string theory research in the field of particle physics at Osaka University Graduate School.
Joined Accenture in 2004 and was involved with business strategy and new business development in the Communication, High-tech and Media Industry Group and Strategy Group. Pursued the start-up of a consulting firm specialized in B2C marketing.
Next supervised analysis and suggestion sampling for predicting sales and profit gains in the Business and Insight Group for McDonald’s Company.

Oversees development of simulation models and analysis services at GEM Partners.


“My defining moment was being touched by Night on the Galactic Railroad during elementary school. The highest number of most films I’ve watched within a year is 150.”

Tadahiro Susa (Director)

Engaged in the development of the mission critical system at a SIer specialized in the financial network after completing the graduate school at Waseda University. Made significant effort to the productivity enhancement including the early introduction of agile software development in addition to handling development and tuning projects as Project Manager. Planned/developed CMS products for corporate use to continuously improve products at a web-related company. Has expertise in the architecture design and development on AWS.

At GEM Partners, Responsible for the streamlining and enhancement of the data analysis infrastructure.


“I like fast-paced films like ‘24 (the TV series and the movie)’ as well as ones with CG actions such as ‘300’ and ‘GOEMON’.”